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Murrett Talks to Newsweek About the Legacy of the Sinking of Russia's Black Sea Flagship, the Moskva

April 27, 2023


Robert B. Murrett

Robert B. Murrett

Russia's Black Sea flagship, the Moskva, sank one year ago. Russian state media provided various explanations for the sinking of the prominent flagship—none of which included a deliberate Ukrainian strike. 

Ukraine's state administration provided a different version of events, stating that "Neptune missiles guarding the Black Sea caused serious damage to the Russian ship."

The sinking marked a crucial moment for Russia, both militarily and psychologically, experts say.

The visibility of losing their flagship for an entire fleet inevitably attracted attention, says retired Vice Admiral Robert Murrett, professor of practice of public administration and international affairs. It proved that any and all Russian vessels approaching Ukraine's littoral waters were under threat, he adds.

Read more in the Newsweek article, "How Putin's Black Sea Dreams Fell Apart."

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