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Reeher Quoted in The Hill, Newsweek Articles on the 2024 Presidential Election, Congress

April 5, 2024

NEWS10 ABC,Newsweek,The Hill

Grant Reeher

Grant Reeher

Grant Reeher, professor of political science and director of the Campbell Public Affairs Institute, shares his political expertise in several recent articles. 

The Hill: “The Memo: Hillary Clinton ‘get over yourself’ comment threatens to backfire on Biden

“The Democratic Party in general, and Hillary Clinton in particular, have a ‘street rep’ for preaching at, and lecturing, the voters. This doesn’t help that at all,” says Reeher. “It’s like the ‘basket of deplorables.’ It fits a reputation you have, which does not help you with voters.”

Newsweek: “House Republicans' Party-Line Majority Hangs by a Thread,” “Donald Trump's Stopped Talking About His 'Greatest' Accomplishment,” and “Democrats Fear RFK Jr.'s Running Mate Nicole Shanahan.”

"Even though there have been rumors of further resignations on the Republican side of the aisle, in part as a reaction to Donald Trump capturing the nomination, I have a hard time seeing the party voluntarily giving the majority and the speakership to the Democrats,” says Reeher. That would be a level of strategic dysfunction that we haven't seen so far and would deal a real blow to the Trump campaign in November. I'd be really surprised to see that."

WTEN-TV (NEWS10): “New Yorkers head to the polls for the presidential primary

“One might ask, why go through with this process? Well, it’s in the books,” explains Reeher. “It’s a part of an election process. No state is going to cancel its primary because the designee is clear.”

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