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Taylor Discusses Putin, Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine with BBC News Brazil, Washington Post, WETM

February 25, 2022

BBC News Brasil,The Washington Post,WETM,WSYR-TV

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

On Feb. 24, President Vladimir Putin announced that he would begin a "special military operation" against Ukraine, and that "its goal will be to defend people who have been suffering persecution and genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years." He justified his action by the need to "denazise and demilitarize Ukraine." According to Brian Taylor, the use of the term "genocide" to justify Russian military incursions into neighboring areas is nothing new in Putin's international politics. "In 2008, he did the same with Georgia and in 2014 in Crimea," Taylor told BBC News Brazil. He also spoke with the Washington Post, WETM and WSYR.

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Washington Post: "Trump largely isolated in praise for Putin as GOP condemns Russian invasion"

WETM: "Are sanctions enough to stop Russia? Local experts weigh in" and "Why is Russia invading Ukraine? History of this complicated relationship explained"

WSYR: "Syracuse professor helps make sense of Russia-Ukraine conflict"

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