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Taylor Speaks to Forbes, Fox News, Vox About Russian Globalization, Oligarchs, Putin

March 16, 2022

Forbes,Fox News,Vox

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

Professor of Political Science Brian Taylor was featured in the Forbes article, "The End Of Globalization For Russia And Russians: What It Means." "A big question that people are asking is: Will Russians stand for it? Many of them have gotten used to living in a modern, twenty-first century economy. People under the age of 45 have no adult memories of living under Soviet socialism. The wealthy, the middle class, and the poor will all suffer," says Taylor.

Taylor was also quoted in the Forbes article, "What Is An Oligarch? Here’s What You Need To Know About Russia’s Billionaires," and the Vox article, "Could Putin actually fall?" and was interviewed on One Nation with Brian Kilmeade (Fox News).

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