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Taylor Talks to 3AW About Why Russia May Have Sabotaged Nord Stream Pipelines

September 30, 2022

3AW News Radio

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

Major leaks in two Nord Steam pipelines that run between Russia and Germany were reported on Monday and sabotage is speculated to be the cause. 

“In terms of the saboteur is, no one has come forward with any specific evidence but I think people are looking first and foremost towards Russia as the culprit, which sounds somewhat bizarre because it is their pipelines,” says Brian Taylor, professor of political science.

Taylor says Putin may have ordered the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines “as a way to send a message to western Europe that Russia still controls the gas weapon and that energy supplies to Europe are in doubt.”

“He’s looking for ways to change the narrative and put pressure on the collective west to stop backing Ukraine,” Taylor says.

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