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Taylor Talks to Christian Science Monitor About Putin’s Autocratic Leadership Style

March 22, 2022

Christian Science Monitor,The Sports Network (TSN)

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

Russian President Putin's underestimation of the level of opposition from the Ukrainians, NATO's resistance and his own military force's unpreparedness are clear examples that the autocratic style of leadership is failing. But Brian Taylor, professor of political science and author of "The Code of Putinism," says there is little reason to think that these failures are loosening Mr. Putin’s grip on power. State-sponsored media ensure that most Russians don’t know the real story about Ukraine. After some two decades at the pinnacle of the state, Putin has a vast repressive apparatus at his disposal, says Taylor. "I don’t think we should see this as the regime coming unglued immediately," he says. Read more in the Christian Science Monitor article, "Putin bares the flaws of autocracy for world to see." 

Taylor was also interviewed for The Sports Network article "Ovechkin’s social media dilemma fuels debate amid Russia’s crackdown on free speech." "There are quite a few high-profile Russian celebrities and sports figures, TV stars and musicians, who have spoken out," says Taylor. "I don’t see how the regime would find it useful to go after these people or their families."

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