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Taylor Talks to Washington Post, Radio Free Europe, WSYR About Putin, Russia-Ukraine Crisis

February 21, 2022

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty,The Washington Post,WSYR-TV

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

Russian military buildup on the border of Ukraine has escalated tensions between the two countries and the threat of invasion is looming. Professor Brian Taylor, who studies President Vladimir Putin, says the Russian leader always thinks about Russia as a besieged fortress. “If he is doing something with respect to Ukraine, it is not because he is an aggressor but because he has been cornered into lashing out to protect Russia’s interests,” Taylor tells the Washington Post. “Because if he doesn’t, no one else is going to do it.” He also spoke to ABC News (Australia), New York Day News, Radio Free Europe and WSYR about Putin and the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

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Radio Free Europe: "Eyeing Ukraine, Putin Huddles In A Tight, Hawkish Circle"

Washington Post: "Wielding the threat of war, a new, more aggressive Putin steps forward"

WSYR: "Why should Americans care about the Russia-Ukraine conflict?"

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