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  • White quoted in NYT Magazine article on Black WWII veterans, racism

    "So much of the G.I. Bill involved deference to state and local authorities," says Steven White, assistant professor of political science and author of World War II and American Racial Politics: Public Opinion, the Presidency and Civil Rights Advocacy. "Black southerners, even if they got benefits, they couldn’t go to the same colleges and universities. They couldn’t get the same jobs." White was quoted in the New York Times Magazine article "Returning From War, Returning to Racism."


    Gadarian discusses the politics behind face masks on YANSS podcast

    Shana Gadarian, associate professor of political science, was a guest on the You Are Not So Smart podcast. She explains how face masks, during the COVID-19 pandemic, became politicized and what we can learn from this going forward to help prevent a similar reaction when it comes time to convince to public they should get vaccinated. Her interview begins at approximately 37:20.


    Gadarian cited in FiveThirtyEight article on COVID-19, partisan divide

    Shana Gadarian told FiveThirtyEight she was surprised to see such enormous divides emerge as the pandemic wore on. According to other research she’s conducted, moments of extreme anxiety and uncertainty can actually make people more open to new sources of information — including public health experts and leaders from the opposing party. So at the beginning of the pandemic, she and her team expected that Americans would coalesce around public health experts’ recommendations, or that other demographic factors — like age — would turn into key dividing lines.


    Pralle discusses the climate crisis on WAER

    "Unlike some problems like terrorism or chronic poverty or addiction, things like that, that are very difficult to figure out, the causal chains are hard, but (with climate crisis), we know what we need to do, which is stop emitting carbon emissions," Sarah Pralle, associate professor of political science, tells WAER. "So, we need to stop burning fossil fuels and we know when we need to do it." She was interviewed for the segment "CNY College Educators: Climate Crisis Has Slipped from Agenda, Has Parallels with COVID Crisis."

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