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    Syracuse University's Center for European Studies (CES), hosted at the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs at the Maxwell School, promotes interdisciplinary research and study of Europe. CES advances the study of European politics, history, economy, culture, and languages in collaboration with academic programs, professional schools, language programs, and research centers across campus and Syracuse University's study abroad centers. CES fulfills its mission through seminars, conferences, speaker series, language tables, and research grants. CES also provides leadership in building transatlantic and global networks via its international partnerships, collaborative projects, and programs.  

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    Lovely comments on US-China trade contest in Christian Science Monitor

    "Both see trade as beneficial, but neither side wants to accept certain outcomes of competitive markets," says Mary Lovely in the Christian Science Monitor article "US versus China: How a tussle for advantage fuels risk of a trade war."

    Lovely speaks with AP, MPR about products targeted by US-China tariffs

    Mary Lovely says it’s impossible to protect American consumers and put maximum pressure on China at the same time. Most high-value goods exported from China have foreign content, so U.S. and foreign companies will wind up footing the bill. Lovely was interviewed by the Associated Press and Minnesota Public Radio.

    Shanguhyia edits major tome on Africa’s modern history

    Martin S. Shanguhyia co-edited a two-volume manual on African colonial and postcolonial history as part of the Palgrave Handbooks series.Written by more than 50 historians and scholars in African studies, The Palgrave Handbook of African Colonial and Postcolonial History focuses on African colonial and postcolonial history and the relation between the two eras.

    Lovely quoted in CNBC article on China President Xi, US trade dispute

    For Xi's government, Mary Lovely says, "This particular episode is going to play right into their ability to get people on their side because Trump is seen as the aggressor." Read more in the CNBC article "China President Xi's broad political power gives him an upper hand over Trump in a trade war."
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