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Syracuse University's Center for European Studies gives new shape to a proud tradition of European studies at Syracuse. The Center for European Studies advances a new university-wide vision of Europe that reflects new realities and complexities on the entire continent, from the Atlantic to the Urals. The center draws on and renews a tradition of European studies at Syracuse that encompasses outstanding programs in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and professional schools, peerless study abroad centers, and strong language programs that together mark Syracuse University as a national leader in instruction and research on Europe.

The Center for European Studies at Syracuse University provides leadership in a new university-wide mission to educate the next generation of students and teachers on a continent that has dramatically changed and whose boundaries and conflicts have become suddenly more complex. It advances this mission through a set of core programs:

Seminars and Conferences. We promote a new vision of Europe on campus and at regional colleges and universities through seminars and conferences that draw attention to the complexities of the new Europe, its borders, conflicts, and process of integration.

Less Commonly Taught Languages. We support the College of Arts and Sciences in teaching less-commonly taught European languages such as Polish, Turkish, and Portuguese.

Library Collections. We sponsor a new university library initiative to add to collections on Europe in areas of importance for research and teaching.

Outreach. We support a range of activities dedicated to advancing public knowledge of Europe, including the Syracuse International Film Festival, K-12 educational outreach, and media relations programs.

The Center for European Studies also provides leadership on European studies throughout the upstate New York region. We seek to build a vibrant community in upstate New York with national impact and we welcome your input and participation in our programs.

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