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    Syracuse University's Center for European Studies (CES), hosted at the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs at the Maxwell School, promotes interdisciplinary research and study of Europe. CES advances the study of European politics, history, economy, culture, and languages in collaboration with academic programs, professional schools, language programs, and research centers across campus and Syracuse University's study abroad centers. CES fulfills its mission through seminars, conferences, speaker series, language tables, and research grants. CES also provides leadership in building transatlantic and global networks via its international partnerships, collaborative projects, and programs.  

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    Taylor discusses Putinism on CNAS podcast

    Brian Taylor, author of The Code of Putinism (Oxford University Press, 2018), was a guest on the Center for a New American Security podcast Brussels Sprouts. Taylor says that Putinism is less an ideology than a code for staying in Vladimir Putin’s good graces, administering authority over the largest country on earth, and maintaining a grip on power in a nation whose economy continues to stagnate.


    Lovely comments on multilateral trade, G20 summit in Japan Times

    The U.S. shift away from multilateralism may continue beyond the Trump presidency, says Professor Mary Lovely. It isn’t clear how much support there is within the Democratic Party for a return to multilateralism and a support for free trade. Lovely was interviewed for the Japan Times article "Can the G20 summit pave a path for the future of multilateral trade?"


    Boroujerdi weighs in on US-Iran tensions in Washington Times

    "The Iranians do have an appetite for negotiating, but I think what is holding things up right now—and that’s the part that the Trump administration perhaps is not really comprehending—is they have to save face," says Mehrzad Boroujerdi. He was interviewed for the Washington Times article "Mike Pompeo softens U.S. rhetoric on Iran: 'Trump does not want war'."


    Boroujerdi discusses Japanese PM's visit to Iran in ThinkProgress

    Mehrzad Boroujerdi was interviewed for the ThinkProgress article "Japanese PM’s visit to Iran might cool tensions between Tehran and Washington." According to Boroujerdi, the meeting between the Japanese prime minister and Iran essentially constitutes indirect talks between Iran and the United States. "That is the main reason for the trip regardless of what each side says," Borourjerdi said.

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