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Econ alumnus explains economic shock of coronavirus in Harvard Business Review

March 30, 2020

Harvard Business Review

Paul Swartz"Understanding the Economic Shock of Coronavirus," co-authored by Paul Swartz '05 BS (Econ) was published in the Harvard Business Review. According to the authors, the intensity of the shock will be determined by the underlying virus properties, policy responses, as well as consumer and corporate behavior in the face of adversity. But the shape of the shock is determined by the virus’ capacity to damage economies’ supply side, particularly capital formation. 

Swartz is currently a director and senior economist with Boston Consulting Group’s Henderson Institute, who he joined this past February. He spent the previous two-and-a-half years as a vice president at AB Bernstein and has also worked for Goldman Sachs for over five years. Swartz also has experience as an analyst with the Council on Foreign Relations and as an associate with Bridgewater Associates. 


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