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Osamah Khalil Weighs in on Foreign Perceptions of the US in Morning Consult

December 8, 2021

Osamah F. Khalil

Favorable views of the U.S. rose among adults in nine ally and partner states in Europe and Asia during the first year of the Biden administration, with adults in the same countries maintaining firmly negative views of China over the same period. "The Biden bump, if you will, is probably more about personality and rhetoric. The fact that he is not Donald Trump accounts for a large part of that swing,” says Osamah Khalil, associate professor of history and chair of international relations. “Where I think policy comes in has been about toning down the rhetoric, especially around the trade war—not just with China, but with the E.U.—and constantly criticizing NATO allies, particularly Germany.” Read more in the Morning Consult article, "America Is Experiencing a Biden Bump Abroad, but It’s What Allies Fear That Matters Most."

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