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Latest Maxwell Perspective previews public affairs issues for voters

August 18, 2020

Perspective spring 2020The new edition of Maxwell Perspective — the school's magazine for alumni, students, parents, and other members of the Maxwell community — features faculty experts who provide background and context for many of the issues that will be influenced by this fall’s national elections. In the eight essays, scholars draw in historical background and larger trends to help explain the likely legacy of choices that citizens will make in the voting booth this November.

In addition, the magazine celebrates the 50-year-plus career of historian David Bennett, who will teach his signature American history course for the last time this fall.  He, too, provides insight about issues in America today, as they relate to trends and priorities dating back to at least the 1920s.

Other articles in the Spring 2020 edition cover:   

  • Accommodations for the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the lives of students, faculty, and staff; 
  • The role of Maxwell faculty members is Syracuse University Project Advance; 
  • A new scholarship fund that is helping the University’s broader efforts to retain promising freshman students;
  • The career of economist Devashish Mitra; and 
  • How the University’s Cluster Hire initiative is helping Maxwell build scholarly strength in key strategic areas. 

The edition also contains select profiles of Maxwell alumni and one story about how, in the early days of the pandemic, a social media post by Executive Education prompted hundreds of face mask donations from former students who live in China.

To view the articles listed above, visit the menu of online content for Maxwell Perspective. To receive a copy of the print edition, please email


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