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Mosher Discusses FEMA’s Role During Multiple Crises in Forbes Article

October 4, 2022


Anne E. Mosher

Anne E. Mosher

The U.S. faced back-to-back crises last week after Hurricane Fiona struck Puerto Rico and Hurricane Ian swept through Florida and South Carolina. So how does the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) handle the challenge of recovering from multiple disasters?

“FEMA’s structure and operating procedures have been designed to handle simultaneous, or closely sequenced events, in different parts of the country—provided that affected states or territories have sought and been awarded federal disaster declarations,” says Anne Mosher, associate professor of geography and the environment and expert in crisis and disaster management.

The agency “also has stable disaster response and recovery plans that are based on ‘whole-community’ and ‘whole-government’ principles and a workforce that has been trained to adjust those plans to fit the event’s specific conditions,” Mosher notes.

Read more in the Forbes article, "U.S. Government Marshals Resources To Meet Challenges Of Back-To-Back Hurricanes."

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