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Murrett talks to International Business Times, Politico About US-China Relations

June 8, 2022

International Business Times,Politico

Robert B. Murrett

Robert B. Murrett

The war of words between China and the U.S. over the future of international relations continued this week with Beijing telling Washington to focus its energies on its domestic problems. It began last week during a global summit where U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken outlined Washington's "context" for building a "rules-based international order," arguing that China poses a threat to that order.

Retired Vice Admiral Robert B. Murrett, professor of practice of public administration and international affairs, thinks that Beijing's offensive on Washington and its allies is part of a defensive strategy. 

"[I] would say that China is defensive [and touchy] about any remarks from the U.S. and others that they view as pertaining to their internal matters. with the treatment of the Uyghurs in China and Taiwan as prime examples," he tells International Business Times. "Part of their strategy is to go on the offensive and point out what Beijing views as domestic shortcomings in the U.S." 

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