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Schwartz Quoted in Chalkbeat Article on Reversing New York City School Budgets

August 9, 2022


Amy Ellen Schwartz

Amy Ellen Schwartz

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has argued that school budget reductions are a necessary response to declining enrollment and to avoid an even bigger budget deficit  when federal COVID relief runs out in two years. But educators and parents argue that students are hurting right now and need as much help as possible. Adams is facing a choice: Should he stick to his initial budget and allow the cuts to go through, or should he relent to the pressure and restore funding?

Holding off cuts for now—or slowly phasing them in, as the city is planning—could give officials time to plan and involve communities in discussions about how to grapple with enrollment declines, says Amy Ellen Schwartz, professor of economics and public administration and international affairs. 

“Should we be closing schools? Should we be taking two elementary schools that are smaller than they should be and combining them?” Schwartz says. “We ought to be thinking about: What does a smaller system look like?”

Read more in the Chalkbeat article, "Eric Adams is facing pressure to reverse NYC school budget cuts. Should he?"

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