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Steinberg provides insight into what to expect globally in 2021 on TVO

January 14, 2021


University Professor James Steinberg was recently a guest on TVO's "The Agenda" to discuss what he witnessed in 2020 and what he expects will play out around the world in 2021. "Unless states recognize that their capacity to deal with problems, not just pandemic disease but nuclear proliferation, climate change, the problems of the global economy, really recognize that each country acting alone is simply not going to be able to solve these kinds of problems," Steinberg says. "Looking forward to 2021, the question is can we step back from this and say this response that we saw in 2020 is inadequate, it's unsuccessful, it won't work, even if you're worried about protecting the interests of your own national population that ultimately, we've just got to find ways to work better together," he says. 

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