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Taylor Quoted in Newsweek Article on Who Will Lead Russia if Putin Dies

July 25, 2022


Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

Speculation that Russian President Vladimir Putin is in bad health has lead people to question if Russia has plans in place for a possible successor. The Russian Constitution dictates that the prime minister, currently Mikhail Mishustin, assumes the duties of acting president. 

Professor Brian Taylor, an expert on Russian politics, says that "the case for Mishustin is that he would be the path of least resistance if Putin was suddenly out of office, and it would be hard to coordinate around anyone else."

Taylor emphasizes that it's not known whom Russian elites favor, though. Even if Mishustin assumes the presidency in the event of an emergency, he might not be the long-term pick.

Read more in the Newsweek article, "Who Leads Russia If Putin Dies? Health Rumors Spark Succession Questions."

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