Democracy and Political Mobilization

PSC 302 Environmental Politics and Policy
PSC 307 The Politics of Citizenship
PSC 308 The Politics of U.S. Public Policy
PSC 309 Interest Group Politics
PSC 311 American Political Parties
PSC 314 Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior
PSC/WGS 319 Gender and Politics
PSC 321 Populism and Conspiracy Culture
PSC 326/HST 383 Foundations of American Political Thought
PSC 327/HST 342 Modern American Political Thought
PSC 328/WGS 318 American Social Movements
PSC 329/HST 341 The Modern American Presidency
PSC 337* Political Psychology
PSC 338* Comparative Political Parties
PSC 339* Contemporary Political Transitions
PSC/MES/REL/JSP 342* Religion in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 
PSC 347* Politics of Russia
PSC/WGS 356* Political Conflict
PSC/SOC 362/REL 355* Religion, Identity and Power
PSC 371 Democratic Theory
PSC 378 Power and Identity
PSC 386/WGS/SOC 354* Gender, Militarism and War
PSC 387 Ethnic Conflict
PSC/MES 391* Revolutions in the Middle East
PSC/MES 395* Democratization in the Muslim World
PSC/SOS 408* Comparative Social Movements
PSC/PHI/WGS 413 Identity and Difference
PSC 414* European Identity Seminar
PSC 442* Democratization in East Asia