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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Department of Political Science

International War & Peace

PSC 322* International Security
PSC/MES/REL/JSP 342* Religion in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 
PSC 348* Politics and the Military
PSC 352* International Law
PSC 354* Human Rights & Global Affairs
PSC/WGS 356* Political Conflict
PSC 359* Foreign Policymaking
PSC/PHI 363* Ethics and International Relations
PSC/MES 367* Oil, Water & War
PSC 377 Religion & Politics
PSC/PHI/JSP 379* American Slavery & the Holocaust
PSC 386/WGS/SOC 354* Gender, Militarism and War
PSC 387 Ethnic Conflict
PSC/MES 391* Revolutions in the Middle East
PSC/MES 392/REL 362* Islamism and Islamist Movements Today
PSC 397* Realism & Power Politics in International Relations
PSC/IRP 412* Global Governance: The United Nations System
PSC 429* European Human Rights (Strasbourg)
PSC/HST 441* Europe & International Security Issues (Strasbourg)
PSC 456/REL 356* Religion and Conflicts in Contemporary Europe (Strasbourg)