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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Department of Political Science
  • The Department of Political Science is devoted to the study of politics and government, domestically and abroad. This includes the study of political institutions that exercise government authority, including legislatures, courts, and administrative agencies; political organizations through which individuals and groups seek to reshape the political landscape, including parties, interest groups, and social movements; public policies that reflect governmental efforts to regulate the actions of individuals and corporations, including civil rights, immigration, and environmental policy; and the interactions between and among nation-states and transnational organizations that shape patterns of trade and development, conflict and cooperation, war and peace.

    At the undergraduate level, political science majors will be exposed to political inquiry across a broad array of substantive topics, while also concentrating in one of the following areas: American Politics & History, Law & Politics, Political Economy, Political Participation & Mobilization, Global Governance & Foreign Policy, Political Violence & Conflict, Public Policy, Parties & Elections, Comparative Politics, Citizenship & Democracy, or Political Thought & Philosophy.

    At the graduate level, doctoral students receive broad training in quantitative and qualitative methods of social science research, while also concentrating in two of the following substantive fields: American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, Public Administration & Policy, Law & Courts, or Security Studies.

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    Corri Zoli participates in UN counterterrorism conference

    On Nov. 15 and 16, Corri Zoli, director of research for the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism (INSCT) and a research assistant professor in the Maxwell School, represented Syracuse University at two United Nations Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate (UN CTED) workshops, at New York University and United Nations headquarters.

    Reeher weighs in on Trump, Gillibrand in Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

    Grant Reeher was quoted in the Lockport Union-Sun & Journal article, "Trump slaps Gillibrand after senator bashes him for 'misconduct'." "She is taking a risky approach because there is a lot of collateral damage in getting involved in these kind of conflicts," says Reeher. "That leaves me to believe she is speaking her mind on an issue that is important to her."

    Reeher discusses Gillibrand's comments on Franken, Clinton in The Hill

    Grant Reeher was quoted in the Hill article, "Gillibrand is subject of debate over Franken, Clinton." "She has been a leading spokesperson in the chamber for women’s issues and women’s rights and it’s not surprising to me at all that she would be one of the first Democrats to call out Sen. Franken and when the conversation inevitably turned to him, President Clinton," says Reeher.