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Jacob Bendix

Jacob Bendix

Contact Information:


144A Eggers Hall

Jacob Bendix

Professor Emeritus, Geography and the Environment Department

Highest degree earned

Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1992

Areas of Expertise

Biogeography, pyrogeography, geomorphology, human impacts on environmental systems, media coverage of the environment

Research Interests

Impacts of disturbance (principally fire and floods) on plant communities, interactions between ecological and fluvial geomorphic processes, inputs and impacts of woody debris in rivers, presettlement populations of beaver in North America and the impacts of their removal, media coverage of the environment

Selected Publications

(Selected Publications)

2024  Shepherd, J. M., Bendix, J. and Urban, M.A. Increasing racial and ethnic diversity in physical geography, Eos, 105,

2022 Shuman, J. et al. (Bendix 10th of 86 authors). Reimagine fire science for the Anthropocene. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) Nexus

2021 Martin, D.J., Pavlowsky, R.T., Bendix, J., Dogwiler, T. and Hess, J. Impacts of an extreme flood on large wood recruitment and transport processes. Physical Geography, pp.1-29.

2020 Bendix, J. and Urban, M.A. Nothing New under the Sun? George Perkins Marsh and Roots of U.S. Physical Geography. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, DOI: 10.1080/24694452.2020.1761769.

2019 Stella, J.C. and Bendix, J. Multiple stressors in riparian ecosystems. In S. Sabater, A. Elosegi and R. Ludwig, eds., Multiple Stressors in River Ecosystems: Status, Impacts and Prospects for the Future, pp. 81-110. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

2018   Bendix, J. and Hartnett, J.J. Asynchronous lightning and Santa Ana winds highlight human role in southern California fire regimes. Environmental Research Letters 13: 074024.

2017     Bendix, J. and Commons, M.G. Distribution and frequency of wildfire in California riparian ecosystemsEnvironmental Research Letters 12: 075008.

2017     Bendix, J., Wiley Jr., J.J. and Commons, M.G. Intermediate disturbance and patterns of species richness. Physical Geography DOI:10.1080/02723646.2017.1327269.

2016     Bendix, J. Clay (a poem). GeoHumanities, 2(1):276-277.

2014      Bendix, J. and Vale, T.R.  Placing the river in context: James C. Knox, fluvial geomorphology, and physical geography. Geography Compass , 8(5):325-335.

2013     Bendix, J. and Cowell, C.M. Disturbance and riparian tree establishment in the Sespe Wilderness, California, USA. Physical Geography, 34(2):149-158.

2013     Bendix, J. and Stella, J.C. Riparian Vegetation and the Fluvial Environment: A Biogeographic Perspective. In : Shroder, J., Jr., Butler, D.R., Hupp, C.R., Eds., Treatise on Geomorphology, vol. 12, pp. 53-74. Academic Press, San Diego, CA.

2013     Stella, J.C., Rodríguez-González, P., Dufour, S. and Bendix, J. Physical Controls on Riparian Vegetation in Mediterranean-Climate Regions. Hydrobiologia, 719:291-315.

2010     Bendix, J. and Cowell, C.M. Fire, floods and woody debris: Interactions between biotic and geomorphic processes. Geomorphology, 116(3-4):297-304.

2010     Bendix, J. and Cowell, C.M. Impacts of wildfire on the composition and structure of riparian forests in Southern California. Ecosystems, 13(1):99-107 .

2002     Bendix, J.   Pre-European Fire in California Chaparral. In T. Vale, ed., Fire, Native Peoples, and the Natural Landscape, pp. 269-293.   Washington, D. C.: Island Press.   

2000     Bendix, J. and Hupp, C.R.   Hydrological and geomorphological impacts on riparian plant communities.  Hydrological Processes, 14(16-17): 2977-2990.

1999     Bendix, J.   Stream power influence on southern Californian riparian vegetation.  Journal of Vegetation Science, 10(2):243-252.

1999     Bendix, J. and Liebler, C. M. (1999).   Place, distance, and environmental news: Geographic variation in newspaper coverage of the spotted owl conflict.  Annals of the Association of American Geographers , 89(4):658-676.

1998     Bendix, J.  Impact of a flood on southern Californian riparian vegetation. Physical Geography, 19(2): 162-174.

1997     Bendix, J.  Flood disturbance and the distribution of riparian species diversity. Geographical Review, 87(4): 468-483.

1996     Parker, K.C. and Bendix, J.   Landscape-scale geomorphic influences on vegetation patterns in four environments.  Physical Geography, 17(2):113-141.

1996     Liebler, C.M. and Bendix, J. Old-growth forests on network news: News sources and the framing of an environmental controversy. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, 73(1):53-65

1994     Bendix, J.  Scale, direction and pattern in riparian vegetation-environment relationships. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 84(4):654-667.

1994     Bendix, J.  Among-site variation in riparian vegetation of the Southern California Transverse Ranges. American Midland Naturalist, 132:136-151.

Previous Teaching Appointments

2019-   Professor of Geography and the Environment
1999-2019 Associate Professor of Geography
1994-1999 Assistant Professor of Geography
1992-94 Temporary Assistant Professor, University of Georgia