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Heflin discusses impact of COVID-19 on food security in Daily Gazette

December 14, 2020

The Daily Gazette

Colleen Heflin

Colleen Heflin

Nationwide, more people are going without food than at any time during the pandemic. "The level is rising to Great Depression levels," says Colleen Heflin, professor of public administration and international affairs. Heflin also expresses concerns over a cascading effect once winter sets in and low-income residents are forced to choose between food, heating, medicine and rent, a phenomenon known as the "heat or eat" dilemma. Often, food is the first expense to be slashed, a decision that can result in adverse health effects for high-risk people. "This could put a further strain on the non-COVID health care system," she says. Read more in the Daily Gazette article, "Hunger a constant as region braces for dark winter." 12/14/20

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