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Jun Li Talks to Verywell Health About Uber Caregiver

June 1, 2024

Verywell Health

Jun Li

Jun Li

Uber is introducing a new feature this summer called Uber Caregiver, which allows caregivers to coordinate care, including health-related transportation. By the end of 2024, caregivers will also be able to order groceries and over-the-counter medications with Uber Eats.

“Caregivers have long been under-appreciated and poorly integrated into the formal health care system. It might be that we are finally recognizing the value of this ‘invisible’ group,” says Jun Li, assistant professor of public administration and international affairs.

Li, whose research focuses on healthcare policy and access for older adults, says Uber Health’s transport option highlights the significant shortage of healthcare workers.

“The healthcare workforce is facing a strain and demand is really high, but supply is low,” Li says. “So we really foresee a shortage of workers who can do things like bring you to the doctor or bring your groceries, just basic tasks that would help you remain in the community.”

Read more in the Verywell Health article, “Caregivers Can Soon Call Uber Rides and Order Groceries for Senior Patients.”

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