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  • Maxwell is committed to serving as a resource for those making a difference at the state and local level.  Our longstanding support – sustained through multiple efforts embedded in several of our leading institutes and centers – allows Maxwell to contribute to domestic and international efforts to enhance public service delivery, strengthen communities, and improve citizen’s lives.  

    Connect with Maxwell’s State and Local initiative to help make a difference in your community.  Explore options available through our top ranked MPA, Executive MPA, and Executive Education programming.   

  • News, Commentary, and Announcements

  • Reeher weighs in on Trump's impact on Katko's campaign in The Citizen

    "Trump has become a millstone around Katko's neck," says Professor Grant Reeher. "Clearly the main campaign strategy of the Balter campaign is to associate Katko with Trump as much as possible. In this regard, the president's performance in the first debate probably hurt Katko by proxy," he says. Read more in the The Citizen article, "How Biden and Trump are helping (or hurting) Balter and Katko in CNY race for Congress."



    X Lab article on improving SNAP recertification published in JBPA

    "Testing behavioral interventions designed to improve on-time SNAP recertification," co-authored by Len Lopoo, Colleen Heflin and Joe Boskovski, was published in the Journal of Behavioral Public Administration. Given the different levels of governance and the abundance of qualifying rules and processes that low-income households must negotiate to obtain and retain Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) food assistance benefits, many households fail to recertify for SNAP. The authors found that behaviorally-informed text message reminders are more effective than recorded phone messages in reducing learning costs for SNAP applicants.



    Burman named to advisory committee within the Commerce Department

    Leonard Burman, Paul Volcker Chair in Behavioral Economics, has been appointed by the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis to its Advisory Committee on Data for Evidence Building within the U.S., a newly formed committee promoting expanded access to federal data. The committee consists of representatives from federal, state, and local governments, and experts in data policy, privacy, technology, transparency, and evaluation and research methodology.



    Jackson wins Tenth Decade grant to study Black Americans, group threat

    Jenn Jackson, assistant professor of political science, has been awarded $20,000 for their research project Race, Risks, and Responses: Mapping Black Americans’ Response to Group Threat. The grant is part of a special call to Maxwell faculty offering Tenth Decade Project funding to support research and initiatives that confront systemic racial inequality. Jackson’s project builds on and expands their inquiry into how young Black Americans of different social identities (across gender, class, sexual orientation, embodiment, etc.) experience threats, especially policing, differently based on variations in their social location and orientation to power.



    Engelhardt cited in TRD article on COVID's impact on housing costs

    Professor Gary Engelhardt notes that a new federal stimulus package would be essential to help prevent more households, particularly renters, from running into difficulties paying their housing costs. "Particularly for renters, the combination of those who missed a payment — or were offered and did not take it — is substantive enough to suggest real risk to their ability to make upcoming payments," says Engelhardt. He was quoted in the Real Deal article, "Landlords lost about $9B in rental payments last quarter: report."


  • Feature Stories

  • Innovation in the Salt City

    As an extension of her work as community geographer, faculty member Jonnell Robinson now serves on Syracuse’s new "innovation team".


    Local Influence

    The mayor of Syracuse highlights the number of alumni in Syracuse city and Onondaga County government.


    Syracuse, An All-Comers Kind of City

    While Syracuse certainly has its share of urban and municipal problems, what people like about the city is its size and diverse, accepting culture.


    Win-Win-Win Situation

    The Maxwell X Lab benefits government and nonprofits, in turn helping the clients they serve, while creating a sandbox in which to study real world policy challenges.

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    Centers and Institutes supporting Maxwell's State and Local Initiative 

    Maxwell X Lab
    Partnering with public and nonprofit sectors to improve policy outcomes by leveraging behavioral science

    Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion
    Creating public health programs that are  effective replicated in community and national prevention programs.

    Autonomous Systems Policy Institute
    Exploring new frontiers in policy, law, and governance of autonomous systems.

    Campbell Public Affairs Institute
    Serving contemporary challenges in democratic governance 

    Center for Environmental Policy and Administration
    Exploring environmental issues from an integrated perspective that considers technical, social, and humanistic aspects.

    Center for Policy Research
    Focusing on domestic policy concerns — among them health studies, econometrics, public education, public finance, social welfare, poverty and income security, and urban and regional studies.

    Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration
    Enhancing knowledge about social conflicts and collaborative governance and collaborative problem solving.

    Aging Studies Institute
    Promoting aging-related research, training, and outreach. 

    Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs
    Facilitating research on issues raised by an increasingly interdependent world and studies challenges to the quality of governance worldwide.

    Syracuse University Infrastructure Institute
    Bringing together public and private sector groups and companies to plan, design and implement new infrastructures.