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    Advocacy and Activism - The advent of the Internet, an increased emphasis on globalism and the proliferation of network theory...

    Collaborative Governance - Collaboration is an essential tool in an increasingly interconnected world. We examine how collaborative govern...


    Environmental Collaboration and Conflicts - The rapid growth of industry and the intense competition for natural resources have brought...

    International and Intra-state Conflicts - We strive to understand the transformation of largescale destructive conflicts involving...

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  • PARCC Logo Winners of the Eleventh Annual E-PARCC Teaching Case and Simulation Competition Are Now Available Online. This year, in addition to the annual competition for teaching cases and simulations in collaborative public management, networks and public management, collaborative governance, international development, and collaborative problem solving around the world, we are added  a new competition for cases in Development in Transition and Conflict Societies. Here is the full list of this year's winning cases and simulations. 7/6/18
    Kriesberg op-ed on nonviolent conflict published on CounterPunch
    . "Making Change Nonviolently," written by Louis Kriesberg was published on the CounterPunch website. "Overall, the evidence is clear that social movements seeking substantial change that rely on nonviolent methods are more likely to achieve their objectives than are those movements that resort to violence," says Kriesberg.  05/04/18
    Peter Castro
    Castro Article Published in World Development
    . "Promoting Natural Resource Conflict Management in an Illiberal Setting: Experiences from Central Darfur, Sudan." It focuses on the continuing conflict and insecurity in Darfur region of Sudan. 5/3/18
    Gerard 2011 
    PARCC Director Speaks at Launch of UPSA’s Institute of Work, Empowerment and Society
    . Catherine Gerard’s talk, given on April 30 in Accra, Ghana, was titled: “Neutrality of the Public Service in the Face of Increasing Politicization.”  4/30/18
    Better or Worse Book Cover 2018(1)
    New book from PARCC available May 2018
    Conflict and Collaboration: For Better or Worse is edited by Catherine Gerard and Louis Kriesberg.  The book examines the relationships between ideas and practices in the fields of conflict resolution and collaboration from multiple disciplinary perspectives. 4/25/18

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