PARCC Directors 1986-present

From left, Robert Rubinstein, Professor of Anthropology and former Director (1994-2005); Neil Katz, Associate Professor Emeritus of Public Affairs and PARCC Faculty Associate; Louis Kriesberg, Founding Director (1986-1994) and Professor Emeritus of Sociology; Catherine Gerard, Director of PARCC (2005-present) and Associate Director of Executive Education; and Rosemary O'Leary, Distinguished Professor of Public Administration and former Co-Director of PARCC (2005-2009).

The Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration (PARCC) at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University is a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary research center that advances both theory and practice in the fields of conflict and collaboration. Founded by Dr. Louis Kriesberg in 1986 with Hewlett Foundation funding, PARCC was initially known for its breakthrough work in conflict transformation, intractable conflicts, and identity conflicts in the international arena.

With the addition of participating scholars, its areas of interest have grown to include environmental conflicts, advocacy and activism, and, most recently, collaborative governance. PARCC’s commitment to practice can be seen in its Summer Institute, which has trained individuals in the skills of conflict resolution and collaboration for over 25 years, a graduate-level Certificate in Conflict Resolution, a Conflict Management Practice Group, and policy-relevant publications.

PARCC faculty members serve as consultants for training, community development, negotiation, evaluation, and the design and study of peace-building projects. E-PARCC, an innovative education project, is a web-based collection of cases, simulations, and syllabi for the teaching of collaborative governance. All materials, authored by top scholars, are available in multiple languages for all to use.