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Center for Policy Research

Policy Brief

Is It Time to Redesign Hospice? End-of-Life Care at the User Interface

David J. Casarett

C.P.R. Policy Brief No. 35

January 2007


Hospice is a system of end-of-life care that’s not used to its full potential. That is, hospice is not used in the way that would benefit patients and families as much as it could. The author's argument is that this is an issue of usability, or ergonomics—the science of design. He illustrates how to take what we have learned from the science of usability to make hospice more accessible and approachable, and to increase hospice use among those who would benefit from it. Underneath this discussion, though, there is a more fundamental question: Can we make hospice more usable or do we need to think about redesigning hospice entirely?

The Center for Policy Research Policy Brief series is a collection of essays on current public policy issues in aging; urban and regional studies; education finance and accountability; public finance; social welfare, poverty, and income security; and related research done by or on behalf of the Center for Policy Research at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University.

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