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The Effect Of The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program On Mortality

Colleen M. Heflin, Samuel J. Ingram & James P. Ziliak
November 4, 2019

The Effects of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program on Mortality

Colleen Heflin, Samuel Ingram & James Ziliak
October 31, 2019

Experimental Evidence of a Work Support Strategy That Is Effective for At-Risk Families: The Building Nebraska Families Program

Alicia Meckstroth, Quinn Moore, Andrew Burwick, Colleen Heflin, Michael Ponza & Jonathan McCay
October 29, 2019

The Effect of Workplace Inspections on Worker Safety

Ling Li & Perry Singleton
April 22, 2019

Food insecurity and disability in the United States

Colleen M. Heflin, Claire E. Altman & Laura L. Rodriguez
March 21, 2019

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Health Insurance and Human Capital: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act’s Dependent Coverage Mandate

Leonard M. Lopoo, Emily B. Cardon & Kerri M. Raissian
November 30, 2018

SNAP benefits and childhood asthma

Colleen Heflin, Irma Arteaga, Leslie Hodges, Jean Felix Ndashiyme & Matthew P. Rabbitt
November 5, 2018

Business Cycles, Medicaid Generosity, and Birth Outcomes

Sarah Hamersma, Yilin Hou, Yusun Kim & Douglas Wolf
September 30, 2018

SNAP Benefits and Pregnancy-Related Emergency Room Visits

Irma Arteaga, Colleen Heflin & Leslie Hodges
August 13, 2018

The Effect of Parental Medicaid Expansions on Children's Health Insurance Coverage

Sarah Hamersma, Matthew Kim & Brenden Timpe
May 31, 2018

Emergency Food Assistance and the Great Recession

Colleen Heflin & Ashley Price
March 8, 2018

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Government Spending and the Distribution of Economic Growth

Susan E. Mayer, Leonard M. Lopoo & Lincoln H. Groves
September 30, 2016

Measuring Social Tension from Income Class Segregation

Yoonseok Lee & Donggyun Shin
July 18, 2016

Information Shocks and the Takeup of Social Programs

David N. Figlio, Sarah Hamersma & Jeffrey Roth
July 16, 2015

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