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Elizabeth Cohen Talks About Time and Other Political Values on Mindscape Podcast

June 2, 2022

Sean Carroll's Mindscape

Elizabeth F. Cohen

Elizabeth F. Cohen

Time is everywhere, pervading each aspect of intellectual inquiry—from physics to philosophy to biology to psychology, and all the way up to politics. Considerations of time help govern a nation’s self-conception, decide who gets to vote and enjoy other privileges, and put limits on the time spent in office. Not to mention the role of time as a precious commodity, one that is used up every time we stand in line or fill out a collection of forms.

Elizabeth Cohen, professor of political science and author of "The Political Value of Time: Citizenship, Duration, and Democratic Justice" (Cambridge University Press), shines a light on the role of time in politics and citizenship, a topic that has been neglected by much political theorizing. Listen here: Mindscape | Elizabeth Cohen on Time and Other Political Values

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