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Gadarian Quoted in USA Today Article on Federal Judge Voiding Mask Mandate on Public Transit

April 20, 2022

USA Today

Shana Kushner Gadarian

Shana Kushner Gadarian

On Monday, a federal judge in Florida struck down the Biden administration’s mask mandate for public travel, citing that the measure went beyond the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) authority. The long-term implications may be problematic because the ruling establishes a precedent that would make it more difficult to reimpose restrictions if there is another major surge in COVID cases. 

"What this judge is saying is that a federal agency like the CDC doesn't have authority to keep mitigation measures in a public health emergency. That is a major blow to executive power," says Professor of Political Science Shana Gadarian, who studies the nation's response to COVID-19. The ruling's reach could extend beyond public health emergencies, she says. Read more in the USA Today article, "Mask mandate ruling for planes, transportation re-ups debate over nationwide court orders."

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