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Keck quoted in Christian Science Monitor article on the impeachment process

February 18, 2021

Thomas M. Keck

Thomas M. Keck

After two tumultuous impeachments of former President Donald Trump in little over a year, it’s clear that today the impeachment process works far differently than the Founding Fathers intended. "What I would emphasize is that there are structural problems with our democracy, some of which are really hard to fix, but some of which have emerged recently which there are fixes for," says Thomas Keck, professor of political science and Michael O. Sawyer Chair of Constitutional Law and Politics. Keck believes that impeachment remains an exceptional tool for exceptional circumstances, but that lawmakers and voters should realize its primary function is not removal, but documentation. It lays down a marker for historians. Read more in the Christian Science Monitor article, "Four impeachments, zero removals: Sign of cracks in Constitution?"

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