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Reeher speaks to Washington Examiner about the role of suburban voters

October 20, 2020

Washington Examiner

Grant Reeher

Grant Reeher

In an increasingly polarized political climate, Professor Grant Reeher says the "friends and neighbors" effect of politics hasn't been so effective in recent cycles. It's unclear how strongly that message can sway voters in 2020. "It makes perfect sense that Biden’s going to play that up, especially when he has the advantage of being from one of the most important battleground states," Reeher says. "He can use that connection. How much it resonates with people in an election that is so deeply nationalized and polarized is probably less than it would be maybe 20 years ago." Read more in the Washington Examiner article, "Biden counts Pennsylvania as second home, but voters there aren't sold on him." 10/20/20

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