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Reeher Weighs in on Onondaga County Reapportionment Process on WAER

November 23, 2021


Grant Reeher

Grant Reeher

Last Friday marked the final public hearing in what many democrats have called a partisan, political and broken process of redrawing Onondaga County’s legislative district lines. Despite the outcry, Professor Grant Reeher says it’s not clear if the results would have been dramatically different. "It's not clear to me how many more seats democrats are going to be able to pick up, over what they've already been able to pick up, just by playing around with the maps," says Reeher. "The party's problem has to do with turnout in these off-off-year elections, and also the apparent fact that there are quite a number of democrats that are ticket splitting," he says. Listen to the full interview, "SU Political Science Prof. Questions Whether Onondaga County Democrats Could Have Made Gains In Redrawn District Maps," on WAER. 

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