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White Comments on Kari Lake Campaigning Under a Confederate Flag in Arizona Republic Article

June 17, 2024

Arizona Republic

Steven White

Steven White

Senate candidate Kari Lake recently campaigned in front of a Confederate flag in Arizona, and neither the Arizona Republican Party nor the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee had any immediate comment. Her prominent supporters didn't appear to have any misgivings either.

Steven White, associate professor of political science, said the incident seems to reflect her polarizing nature.

“As a candidate, she’s not someone who’s really made an effort to go to the center. She’s really tied more to the Trump style of right-wing politics," he says. "My sense is this kind of thing helps her appeal to a certain part of the base maybe, but probably is not great for swing voters.”

Read more in the Arizona Republic article, “Kari Lake campaigns in front of Confederate flag, and GOP, rival Mark Lamb stay silent.”

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