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Gadarian Discusses FL 15-Week Abortion Ban, Elections in TB Times

February 2, 2022

Shana Kushner Gadarian

Shana Kushner Gadarian

A bill that would ban most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy is sailing through the GOP-controlled Legislature in Florida. But some experts say it’s unlikely to play a pivotal role in 2022. Shana Kushner Gadarian, professor and chair of political science, says she doesn’t expect the restriction will affect Florida Republicans’ support this election cycle. The parties have stark differences in their stance, so if a voter is in favor of abortion restrictions and cares deeply about the issue, there is one clear party for them to turn to, she says. But there may be some risk to passing an abortion ban in that it might motivate more Democrats, says Gadarian. “You’re trying to get your voters excited about what you’re doing for an issue they care about,” she says, “And not also motivate the opposition to turn out in large numbers to vote against you.” Read more in the Tampa Bay Times article, "Could Florida’s proposed 15-week abortion ban hurt Republicans in 2022?

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