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Pralle Weighs in on the Need for State Policies Related to Extreme Weather in ABC News Article

Sarah Pralle, associate professor of political science, was quoted in the ABC News article, "States take charge to protect people from extreme heat."

August 3, 2022

Huber Explores the Climate Change Crisis as a Class Problem in New Book

Matthew Huber

Huber, professor of geography and the environment, focuses on the everyday material struggle of the working-class over access to energy, food, housing and transportation. Huber argues that these necessities are core industries that need to be decarbonized.

June 8, 2022

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AP Article: Popp Weighs in on Biden's Proposed Civilian Climate Corps

David Popp, professor of public administration and international affairs, was quoted in the Associated Press article, "Biden, Dems push Civilian Climate Corps in echo of New Deal."
September 9, 2021

Wilcoxen, CEF team release report on 80×30 clean electricity standard

Charles Driscoll, Kathy Fallon Lambert, Peter Wilcoxen, Armistead Russell, Dallas Burtraw, Maya Domeshek, Qasim Mehdi, Huizhong Shen & Petros Vasilakos
July 11, 2021

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Sarah Pralle examines changes in flood insurance rate maps in Risk Hazard & Crisis in Public Policy

Devin Lea, Sarah Pralle
Pralle, associate professor of political science, and co-authors' findings suggest changes to flood zones on FIRMs occur more often where people have greater socioeconomic means, raising questions of equity for future FIRM appeals and revisions.
June 24, 2021

Pralle talks to Forbes about FEMA's upcoming changes, flood insurance

For homeowners, or prospective buyers, "rising insurance rates could lead to a reduction in home values," says Sarah Pralle, associate professor of political science, and "they could be forced to sell at a loss, or even abandon their property." 
March 19, 2021

Ajello Fellows create open data repository of electric grid in Vietnam

In many ways, Nguyen Phan Bao Linh and Yu En Hsu seem like opposite sides of the same coin: both are international students enrolled in Maxwell’s #1 ranked M.P.A. program, both are among the first to pursue the program’s new certificate in Data Analytics for Public Policy, and—when the pandemic hit the U.S. last spring—both reached out to their favorite professor for help navigating the uncertainties of finishing the program.
November 13, 2020

Pralle discusses updating county flood maps in Cortland Standard

The Cortland County flood map "might show a reasonable flood risk today, but since we don’t make those investment decisions with ramifications far into the future, the maps don’t really help us plan for a different climate," says Sarah Pralle, associate professor of political science. "When we look at flood maps now, the conversations are about the insurance cost," Pralle says. Instead, "we have to get to the point where we talk about these things as risks and how to mitigate these things as well." Read more in the Cortland Standard article, "What Cortland County’s flood map does, and doesn’t, show." 

November 4, 2020

Pralle discusses the climate crisis on WAER

"We need to stop burning fossil fuels and we know when we need to do it," says Sarah Pralle, associate professor of political science.

July 22, 2020

NAPA names four fellows from Maxwell School faculty

Four Maxwell School faculty members have been selected to join the National Academy of Public Administration as 2019 Academy Fellows. NAPA is a congressionally chartered, nonpartisan, and nonprofit academy providing expert advice to government leaders in building and managing more effective, efficient, accountable, and transparent organizations.
October 8, 2019

Different Viewpoints, Better Solutions

The Northeast Residential Energy Use Pilot Study is an interdisciplinary project between students and faculty in the Maxwell School, SU College of Law, SU’s iSchool, and the SU College of Engineering and Computer Science. The study will employ high resolution metering for long-term monitoring of electricity usage of individual households.

August 6, 2019

Public Affairs and the Multifront Attack on Climate Change

In its breadth and interdisciplinary richness, the Maxwell School proves to be a fertile setting for research on one of today’s most complex and pressing issues. Researchers are working all the angles — policy, economics, societal adaptation, governance, citizenship, and more — in their contributions to saving this planet.
June 25, 2019

Pralle quoted in CBS News article on flooding in Midwest

Flooding is "a critical national issue that must be addressed more aggressively in an age of climate change," says Sarah Pralle, associate professor of political science. Pralle was interviewed for the CBS News article "Midwest flood damage will likely total more than $1 billion."
March 21, 2019

Maxwell MPA program launches data analytics area of study, internship

“Codifying Data Analytics for Public Policy as an area of study will allow us to deepen and expand our relationships with top employers in this area and ensure that Maxwell remains at the leading edge of this rapidly evolving field,” said Chair and Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs Robert Bifulco about Maxwell's new area of study in Data Analytics for Public Policy.

January 8, 2019

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Water Justice

Rutgerd Boelens, Tom Perreault, Jeroen Vos, editors

Illustrated with case studies of historic and contemporary water injustices and contestations around the world, the book lays new ground for challenging current water governance forms and unequal power structures and provides inspiration for building alternative water realities. With contributions from renowned scholars, this is an indispensable book for students, researchers and policymakers interested in water governance, environmental policy and law, and political geography.

December 31, 2018

Alumnus Josh Aviv wins $1 million startup competition

Joshua Aviv ’14 BA (Econ)/G’17 (iSchool), founder and CEO of SparkCharge, a company that produces a portable, fast charging battery unit for electric vehicles, has earned the top prize of $1 million at 43North, a Buffalo N.Y.-based startup competition.
October 4, 2018

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