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  • CPR Working Papers Series

  • All of our recent papers may be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  For more information, or to request an archived working paper, please contact our Publications Officer at

  • No. 210 Abstract "Understanding Discrimination against Same-Sex Couples in the United States: Evidence from an Email Correspondence Audit," David Schwegman, October 2017, 42pp. WP210 Full Paper

    No. 209 Abstract "Determinants of Firm-Level Domestic Sales and Exports with Spillovers: Evidence from China," Badi H. Baltagi, Peter H. Egger, and Michaela Kesina. September 2017, 47pp. WP209 Full Paper

    No. 208 Abstract "Robust Linear Static Panel Data Models Using ε-Contamination," Badi H. Baltagi, Georges Bresson, Anoop Chaturvedi, and Guy Lacroix. September 2017, 34pp. WP208 Full Paper

    No. 207 Abstract "Network Effects on Labor Contracts of Internal Migrants in China- A Spatial Autoregressive Model," Badi H. Baltagi, Ying Deng, and Xiangjun Ma. September 2017,30pp. WP207 Full Paper

    No. 206 Abstract "Pregnancy Medicaid Expansions and Fertility: Differentiating between the Intensive and Extensive Margins," Lincoln H. Groves, Sarah Hamersma, and Leonard M. Lopoo. August 2017, 49pp. WP206 Full Paper

    No. 205 Abstract "Labor Unions and Occupational Safety: Event-Study Analysis Using Union Elections," Ling Li, Shawn Rohlin, and Perry Singleton. July 2017, 36pp WP205 Full Paper

    No. 204 Abstract "Financing Central Cities: The Economics Underlying Fiscal Strategy Options With Special Reference to Syracuse City and the Consensus Report," Michael Wasylenko. July 2017, 31pp. WP204 Full Paper

    No. 203 Abstract "Let Them Eat Lunch: The Impact of Universal Free Meals on Student Performance," Amy Ellen Schwartz and Michah Rothbart. Revised from May 2017, 48pp. WP203 Full Paper

    No. 202 Abstract " What are the Financial Implications of Public Quality Disclosure? Evidence from New York City’s Restaurant Food Safety Grading Policy," Rachel Meltzer, Michah W. Rothbart, Amy Ellen Schwartz, Thad Calabrese, Diana Silver, Tod Mijanovich, and Meryle Weinstein. April 2017, 56pp. WP202 Full Paper

    No. 201 Abstract "The Effect of Workplace Inspections on Worker Safety," Ling Li and Perry Singleton. February 2017, 43pp. WP201 Full Paper

    No. 200 Abstract "The Effects of State and Federal Mental Health Parity Laws on Working Time," Jinqi Ye. February 2017, 54pp. WP200 Full Paper

    No. 199 Abstract "Measuring the Financial Shocks of Natural Disasters: A Panel Study of U.S. States," Qing Miao, Yilin Hou, and Michael Abrigo. December 2016, 39pp. WP199 Full Paper

    No. 198 Abstract "Retention Heterogeneity in New York City Schools," Douglas Almond, Ajin Lee, and Amy Ellen Schwartz. November 2016, 30pp. WP198 Full Paper

    No. 197 Abstract "The Health Care Expenditure and Income: A Global Perspective," Badi H. Baltagi, Raffaele Lagravinese, Francesco Moscone, and Elisa Tosetti. November 2016, 28pp. WP197 Full Paper

    No. 196 Abstract "Stationary Points for Parametric Stochastic Frontier Models," William C. Horrace and Ian A. Wright. November 2016, 38pp. WP196 Full Paper

    No. 195 Abstract "The Academic Effects of Chronic Exposure to Neighborhood Violence," Amy Ellen Schwartz, Agustina Laurito, Johanna Lacoe, Patrick Sharkey, and Ingrid Gould Ellen. November 2016, 47pp. WP195 Full Paper

    No. 194 Abstract "The Identification and Estimation of a Large Factor Model with Structural Instability," Badi H. Baltagi, Chihwa Kao, and Fa Wang. November 2016. 75pp.  WP194 Full Paper

    No. 193 Abstract "Incentivizing Healthy Eating in Children: An Investigation of the "Ripple" and "Temporal" Effects of Reward-Based Interventions," Saied Toossi. November 2016, 43pp. See author for contents of this paper at:  WP193 Full Paper

    No. 192 Abstract "So Many Hospitals, So Little Information: How Hospital Value Based Purchasing is a Game of Chance," Andrew I. Friedson, William C. Horrace, and Allison F. Marier. August 2016, 34pp. WP192 Full Paper

    No. 191 Abstract "A Framework for Measurement Error in Self-Reported Health Conditions," Ling Li and Perry Singleton. August 2016, 28pp. WP191 Full Paper

    No. 190 Abstract "The Dynamic Effect of Disability on Marriage: Evidence from the Social Security Disability Insurance Program," Ling Li and Perry Singleton. June 2016, 43pp.  WP190 Full Paper

    No. 189 Abstract "Asymptotic Power of the Sphericity Test Under Weak and Strong Factors in a Fixed Effects Panel Data Model,"  Badi H. Baltagi, Chihwa Kao, and Fa Wang. March 2016, 32pp. WP189 Full Paper

    No. 188 Abstract  "Prediction in a Generalized Spatial Panel Data Model with Serial Correlation," Badi H. Baltagi and Long Liu. February 2016, 32pp. WP188 Full Paper

    No. 187 Abstract "Bayesian Spatial Bivariate Panel Probit Estimation," Badi H. Baltagi, Peter H. Egger, and Michaela Kesina. January 2016, 28pp. WP187 Full Paper

    No. 186 Abstract "The Behavioral Impacts of Property Tax Relief: Salience or Framing?" Phuong Nguyen-Hoang and John Yinger. December 2015, 50pp. WP186 Full Paper

    No. 185 Abstract "Cointegration of Matched Home Purchases and Rental Price Indexes-Evidence from Singapore,"  Badi H. Baltagi and Jing Li. October 2015, 38pp. WP185 Full Paper

    No. 184 Abstract "Estimating the Effects of the Minimum Wage in a Developing Country: A Density Discontinuity Design Approach," Hugo Jales. October 2015, 74pp. WP184 Full Paper

    No. 183 Abstract "Testing For Spatial Lag and Spatial Error Dependence in a Fixed Effects Panel Data Model Using Double Length Artificial Regressions," Badi H. Baltagi and Long Liu. September 2015, 16pp.  WP183 Full Paper

    No. 182 Abstract "Health, Medical Innovation and Disability Insurance: A Case Study of HIV Antiretroviral Therapy," Perry Singleton. September 2015, 38pp. WP182 Full Paper

    No. 181 Abstract "Still “Saving Babies”? The Impact of Child Medicaid Expansions on High School Completion Rates." Lincoln H. Groves. June 2016, 62pp. [Revised from June 2015.] WP181 Full Paper

    No. 180 Abstract "Averaged Instrumental Variables Estimators." Yoonseok Lee and Yu Zhou. May 2015, 37pp. WP180 Full Paper

    No. 179 Abstract "Estimation of Heterogeneous Panels with Structural Breaks," Badi H. Baltagi, Qu Feng, and Chihwa Kao. March 2015, 68pp. WP179 Full Paper

    No. 178 Abstract "Estimation and Identification of Change Points in Panel Models with Nonstationary or Stationary Regressors and Error Term." Badi H. Baltagi, Chihwa Kao and Long Liu. January 2015. 27pp.    WP178 Full Paper

    No. 177 Abstract "Adaptive Elastic Net GMM Estimation with Many Invalid Moment Conditions: Simultaneous Model and Moment Selection." Mehmet Caner, Xu Han, and Yoonseok Lee. January 2015. 41pp. WP177 Full Paper

    No. 176 Abstract "On Testing for Sphericity with Non-normality in a Fixed Effects Panel Data Model." Badi H. Baltagi, Chihwa Kao and Bin Peng. December 2014. 17pp.  WP176 Full Paper

    No. 175 Abstract "Sources of Productivity Spillovers: Panel Data Evidence from China." Badi H. Baltagi, Peter H. Egger, and Michaela Kesina. December 2014. 36pp. WP175 Full Paper

    No. 174 Abstract "Random Effects, Fixed Effects and Hausman’s Test for the Generalized Mixed Regressive Spatial Autoregressive Panel." Badi H. Baltagi and Long Liu. December 2014. 24pp. WP174 Full Paper

    No. 173 Abstract "Firm-level Productivity Spillovers in China’s Chemical Industry: A Spatial Hausman-Taylor Approach."  Badi H. Baltagi, Peter H. Egger, and Michaela Kesina. December 2014. 38pp. WP173 Full Paper

    No. 172 Abstract "Welfare Reform and Children’s Health." Badi H. Baltagi and Yin-Fang Yen. November 2014. 37pp. WP172 Full Paper

    No. 171 Abstract "The Spatial Polish Wage Curve with Gender Effects: Evidence from the Polish Labor Survey."  Badi H. Baltagi and Bartlomiej Rokicki. August 2014. 33pp. WP171 Full Paper

    No. 170 Abstract  "Test of Hypotheses in a Time Trend Panel Data Model with Serially Correlated Error Component Disturbances.” Badi H. Baltagi, Chihwa Kao, and Long Liu. July, 2014. 42pp. WP170 Full Paper

    No. 169 Abstract "Treatment Effects with Unobserved Heterogeneity: A Set Identification Approach." Sung Jae Jun, Yoonseok Lee and Youngki Shin. July, 2014. 29 pp.  WP169 Full Paper

    No. 168 Abstract "Endogenous Network Production Functions with Selectivity."  William C. Horrace, Xiaodong Liu, and Eleonora Patacchini. May 2014. 32pp. WP168 Full Paper

    No. 167 Abstract "Identification and Estimation of Outcome Response with Heterogeneous Treatment Externalities." Tiziano Arduini, Eleonora Patacchini, and Edoardo Rainone. April 2014. 36pp. WP167 Full Paper

    No. 166 Abstract "A Laplace Stochastic Frontier Model." William C. Horrace and Christopher F. Parmeter. April 2014. 33pp. WP166 Full Paper

    No. 165 Abstract "Hospital Treatment Rates and Spill-over Effects: Does Ownership Matter?" Badi H. Baltagi and Yin-Fang Yen. January 2014. 37pp.  WP165 Full Paper

    No. 164 Abstract "Health Information and Social Security Entitlements." Perry Singleton. December 2013. 30pp. WP164 Full Paper

    No. 163 Abstract "Hedonic Housing Prices in Paris: An Unbalanced Spatial Lag Pseudo-Panel Model with Nested Random Effects." Badi H. Baltagi, Georges Bresson and Jean-Michel Etienne. December 2013. 41pp. WP163 Full Paper

    No. 162 Abstract   "The Allocation of Time in Sleep: A Social Network Model with Sampled Data."  Xiaodong Liu, Eleonora Patacchini and Edoardo Rainone. November 2013. 27pp. WP162 Full Paper

    No. 161 Abstract "Spatial Lag Models with Nested Random Effects: An Instrumental Variable Procedure with an Application to English House Prices."  Badi H. Baltagi, Bernard Fingleton and Alain Pirotte. November 2013. 33pp.      WP161 Full Paper

    No. 160 Abstract “Measuring Social Unrest Based on Income Distribution.” Yoonseok Lee and Donggyun Shin. October 2013. 27pp. WP160 Full Paper

    No. 159 Abstract "Model Selection in the Presence of Incidental Parameters." Yoonseok Lee and Peter C.B. Phillips. October 2013. 41pp. WP159 Full Paper

    No. 158 Abstract " Peer Effects in the Demand for Housing Quality." Eleonora Patacchini and Giuseppe Venanzoni. September 2013. 21 pp. WP158 Full Paper

    No. 157 Abstract "The Effects of School Desegregation on Teenage Fertility." Robert Bifulco, Leonard M. Lopoo and Sun Jung Oh. September 2013. 55pp. WP157 Full Paper

    No. 156 Abstract " Heteroskedasticity and Non-Normality Robust LM Tests for Spatial Dependence." Badi H. Baltagi and Zhenlin Yang. May 2013. 28pp. WP156 Full Paper

    No. 155 Abstract "Pathways to Tax Reform Revisited."  Leonard E. Burman. March 2013. 34pp.  WP155 Full Paper

    No. 154 Abstract “Wrong Skewness and Finite Sample Correction In Parametric Stochastic Frontier Models.” Qu Feng, William C. Horrace and Guiying Laura Wu. October 2015 (Revised from February 2013). 31pp.  WP154 Full Paper

    No. 153 Abstract   "Expected Efficiency Ranks from Parametric Stochastic Frontier Models." February 2013. William C. Horrace and Seth Richards-Shubik. 31pp.   WP153 Full Paper

    No. 152 Abstract  "Effects of Increased Variety on Demand, Pricing and Welfare." William C. Horrace, Rui Huang, and Jeffrey M. Perloff. January 2013. 46 pp.  WP152 Full Paper

    No. 151 Abstract  "Testing for Cross-Sectional Dependence in a Panel Factor Model Using the Wild Bootstrap F-Test." Badi H. Baltagi, Chihwa Kao, and Sanggon Na. January 2013. 27pp.  WP151 Full Paper

    No. 150 Abstract "The Estimation and Testing of a Linear Regression with Near Unit Root in the Spatial Autoregressive Error Term."  Badi H. Baltagi, Chihwa Kao, and Long Liu. December 2012. 28pp. WP150 Full Paper

    No. 149 Abstract  "Estimating and Forecasting With A Dynamic Spatial Panel Data Model." Badi H. Baltagi, Bernard Fingleton and Alain Pirotte. December 2012. 33pp.  WP149 Full Paper

    No. 148 Abstract "The Effects of Disability Insurance: Evidence From Social Security's Disabled-Widow Program."  Perry Singleton. October 2012. 16pp.  WP148 Full Paper

    No. 147 Abstract "Testing for Spatial Lag and Spatial Error Dependence Using Double Length Artificial Regressions." Badi H. Baltagi and Long Liu.  October 2012. 9pp. WP147 Full Paper

    No. 146 Abstract "EC3SLS Estimator for a Simultaneous System of Spatial Autoregressive Equations with Random Effects." Badi H. Baltagi and Ying Deng. October 2012. 34pp. WP146 Full Paper

    No. 145 Abstract "How Different Are the Wage Curves for Formal and Informal Workers? Evidence from Turkey." Badi H. Baltagi, Yusuf Soner Baskaya, and Timur Hulagu. October 2012. 15pp. WP145 Full Paper

    No. 144 Abstract Testimony presented before the House Committee on Ways and Means and the Senate Committee on Finance entitled “Tax  Reform and the Tax Treatment of Capital Gains.”  Leonard  E.  Burman. September 2012.  17pp.  WP144 Full Paper

    No. 143 Abstract "On The Estimation and Testing of Fixed Effects Panel Data Models with Weak Instruments." Badi H. Baltagi, Chihwa Kao, and Long Liu. September 2012. 33pp. WP143 Full Paper

    No. 142 Abstract “Standardized LM Tests for Spatial Error Dependence in Linear or Panel Regressions.” Badi H. Baltagi and Zhenlin Yang. August 2012. 36pp.  WP142 Full Paper

    No. 141 Abstract  "Small Sample Properties and Pretest Estimation of A Spatial Hausman-Taylor Model." Badi H. Baltagi, Peter H. Egger and Michaela Kesina. August 2012. 22pp.  WP141 Full Paper

    No. 140 Abstract "A Robust Hausman-Taylor Estimator." Badi H. Baltagi and Georges Bresson. Augtust 2012. 43pp.  WP140 Full Paper

    No. 139 Abstract "Family Structure and the Economic Wellbeing of Children." Leonard M. Lopoo and Thomas DeLeire.  August 2012.  45pp.  WP139 Full Paper

    No. 138 Abstract "Estimation and Prediction in the Random Effects Model with AR(p) Remainder Disturbances." Badi H. Baltagi and Long Liu. July 2012. 16pp. WP138 Full Paper

    No. 137 Abstract "A Lagrange Multiplier Test for Cross-Sectional Dependence in a Fixed Effects Panel Data Model." Badi H. Baltagi, Qu Feng, and Chihwa Kao. May 2012. 40 pp. WP137 Full Paper

    No. 136 Abstract "The Hausman-Taylor Panel Data Model with Serial Correlation" Badi H. Baltagi and Long Liu. March 2012. 8 pp. WP136 Full Paper

    No. 135 Abstract "Testing for Breaks in Cointegrated Panels." Chihwa Kao, Lorenzo Trapni and Giovanni Urga. February 2012. 46 pp. WP135 Full Paper

    No. 134 Abstract "The Turkish Wage Curve: Evidence from the Household Labor Force Survey." Badi H. Baltagi, Yusuf Soner Baskaya and Timur Hulagu. September 2011. 9 pp. WP134 Full Paper

    No. 133 Abstract "Social Interactions in the Labor Market." Andrew Grodner, Thomas Kniesner and John A. Bishop. August 2011. 112 pp. Now available in Foundations and Trends in Microeconomics, Vol. 6, No. 4 pp. 265-366. WP133 Full Paper

    No. 132 Abstract "Losers and Losers: Some Demographics of Medical Malpractice Tort Reforms." Andrew I. Friedson and Thomas J. Kniesner. August 2011. 34 pp. WP132 Full Paper

    No. 131 Abstract "Testing for Instability in Covariance Structures. Chihwa Kao, Lorenzo Trapani, and Giovanni Urga. April 2012. 50.pp. [Revised from August 2011.] WP131 Full Paper

    No. 130 Abstract "Medical Technology and the Production of Health Care." Badi H. Baltagi, Francesco Moscone, and Elisa Tosetti. March 2011. 20 pp. WP130 Full Paper

    No. 129 Abstract "Testing for Breaks in Cointegrated Panels with Common and Idiosyncratic Stochastic Trends." Chihwa Kao, Lorenzo Trapani, and Giovanni Urga. February 2011. 46 pp. WP129 Full Paper

    No. 128 Abstract "Test Of Hypotheses In Panel Data Models When The Regressor And Disturbances Are Possibly Nonstationary." Badi H. Baltagi, Chihwa Kao, and Sanggon Na. May 2011. 105pp.  [Revised from February 2011. 103pp.] WP128 Full Paper

    No. 127 Abstract "Instrumental Variable Estimation of a Spatial Autoregressive Panel Model with Random Effects." Badi H. Baltagi and Long Liu. January 2011. 9 pp. WP127 Full Paper

    No. 126 Abstract "A Dynamic Spatial Panel Data Approach to the German Wage Curve." Badi H. Baltagi, Uwe Blien and Katja Wolf. September 2010. 17 pp. WP126 Full Paper

    No. 125 Abstract "Seemingly Unrelated Regressions with Spatial Error Components." Badi H. Baltagi and Alain Pirotte. September 2010. 38 pp. WP125 Full Paper

    No. 124 Abstract "Can Propensity Score Analysis Replicate Estimates Based on Random Assignment in Evaluations of School Choice? A Within-Study Comparison."  Robert Bifulco. September 2010. WP124 Full Paper

    No. 123 Abstract "Panel Data Inference under Spatial Dependence."Badi H. Baltagi and Alain Pirotte. March 2010. 38 pp. WP123 Full Paper

    No. 122 Abstract "The Value of a Statistical Life: Evidence from Panel Data."Thomas J. Kniesner,W. Kip Viscusi, Christopher Woock and James P. Ziliak. March 2010. 41pp. WP122 Full Paper

    No. 121 Abstract "Alternative Technical Efficiency Measures: Skew, Bias, and Scale." Qu Feng and William C. Horrace. March 2010. 31 pp. WP121 Full Paper

    No. 120 Abstract "Health Care Expenditure and Income in the OECD Reconsidered: Evidence From Panel Data." Badi Baltagi and Francesco Moscone. January 2010. 24pp. WP120 Full Paper

    No. 119 Abstract "The Effective Target of the Social Security Disability Benefits Reform Act of 1984." Perry Singleton. November 2009. 43 pp. WP119 Full Paper

    No. 118 Abstract "Policy Relevant Heterogeneity In The Value of Statistical Life: New Evidence from Panel Data Quantile Regressions." Thomas J. Kniesner, W. Kip Viscusi, and James P. Ziliak. October 2009. 32 pp. Forthcoming in Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Vol. 40, No. 1, 2010. WP118 Full Paper

    No. 117 Abstract "The Value of Statistical Life: Pursuing the Deadliest Catch." Kurt E. Schnier, William C. Horrace, and Ronald G. Felthoven. October 2009. 47pp. WP117 Full Paper

    No. 116 Abstract "A Note on the Application of EC2SLS and EC3SLS Estimators in Panel Data Models." Badi H. Baltagi and Long Liu. July 2009. 9pp. WP116 Full Paper

    No. 115 Abstract "Testing the Fixed Effects Restrictions? A Monte Carlo Study Of Chamberlain’s Minimum Chi-Squared Test." Badi H. Baltagi, Georges Bresson, and Alain Pirotte. March 2009. 12pp. WP115 Full Paper

    No. 114 Abstract "Hedonic Markets and Explicit Demands: Bid-Function Envelopes for Public Services, Neighborhood Amenities, And Commuting Costs." John Yinger. March 2009. 71pp. WP114 Full Paper

    No. 113 Abstract "A Generalized Spatial Panel Data Model with Random Effects." Badi H. Baltagi, Peter Egger, and Michael Pfafermayr. February 2009. 43pp. WP113 Full Paper

    No. 112 Abstract "Testing for Sphericity in a Fixed Effects Panel Data Model." Badi H. Baltagi, Qu Feng, and Chihwa Kao. July 2009. [Revised from February 2009. 31pp.] WP112 Full Paper

    No. 111 Abstract "Testing For Heteroskedasticity And Serial Correlation In A Random Effects Panel Data Model." Badi H. Baltagi, Byoung Cheol Jung,and Seuck Heun Song. December 2008. 53pp. WP111 Full Paper

    No. 110 Abstract "The Interaction of Metropolitan Area Costs and the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit: One Size Fits All?" Katie Fitzpatrick and Jeffrey P. Thompson. September 2008. 51pp. WP110 Full Paper

    No. 109 Abstract "Public School Choice and Integration: Evidence from Durham, North Carolina." Robert Bifulco, Helen F. Ladd, and Stephen Ross. September 2008. 44pp. WP109 Full Paper

    No. 108 Abstract "Testing for Heteroskedasticity and Spatial Correlation in a Random Effects Panel Data Model." Badi H. Baltagi, Seuck Heun Song, and Jae Hyeok Kwon. July 2008. 41pp. WP108 Full Paper

    No. 107 Abstract "Financial Development and Openness: Evidence from Panel Data." Badi H. Baltagi, Panicos O. Demetriades, and Siong Hook Law. June 2008. 32pp. WP107 Full Paper

    No. 106 Abstract "Public Sentiment and Tobacco Control Policy." Perry Singleton. May 2008, 33pp. WP106 Full Paper

    No. 105 Abstract "The Effect of Disability Insurance on Health Investment: Evidence from the VA Disability Compensation Program." Perry Singleton. May 2008, 39pp. WP105 Full Paper

    No. 104 Abstract "Semiparametric Deconvolution with Unknown Error Variance." William C. Horrace and Christopher F. Parmeter. April 2008, 23pp WP104 Full Paper

    No. 103 Abstract "New Evidence on the Dynamic Wage Curve for Western Germany: 1980-2004. Badi H. Baltagi, Uwe Blien, and Katja Wolf. March 2008, 16pp. WP103 Full Paper

    No. 102 Abstract "Testing For Random Effects and Spatial Lag Dependence in Panel Data Models." Badi H. Baltagi and Long Liu. March 2008, 15pp. WP102 Full Paper

    No. 101 Abstract "Fitting Event-History Models to Uneventful Data." Douglas A. Wolf and Thomas M. Gill. December 2007. 12pp. WP101 Full Paper

    No. 100 Abstract "Estimating Regional Trade Agreement Effects on FDI in an Interdependent World." Badi H. Baltagi, Peter Egger, and Michael Pfaffermayr. December 2007. 45pp. WP100 Full Paper

    No. 99 Abstract "Copula-Based Tests for Cross-Sectional Independence in Panel Models."  Hong Ming-Huang, Chihwa Kao, and Giovanni Urga. December 2007.  14pp. WP99 Full Paper

    No. 98 Abstract "A Monte Carlo Study for Pure and Pretest Estimators of a Panel Data Model with Spatially Autocorrelated Disturbances."  Badi H. Baltagi, Peter Egger and Michael Pfaffermayr.  September 2007.  27pp. WP98 Full Paper

    No. 97 Abstract "A Monte Carlo Study of Efficiency Estimates from Frontier Models." William Horrace and Seth O. Richards. August 2007. 35pp. WP97 Full Paper

    No. 96 Abstract "Testing for Instability in Factor Structure of Yield Curves." Dennis Philip, Chihwa Kao, and Giovanni Urga. July 2007 50pp. WP96 Full Paper

    No. 95 Abstract "Consistent Estimation with Weak Instruments in Panel Data." Chihwa Kao and Long Liu. May 2007. 7pp. WP95 Full Paper

    No. 94 Abstract "Worldwide Econometrics Rankings: 1989-2005." Badi H. Baltagi.  May 2007. 75pp. WP94 Full Paper

    No. 93 Abstract "Asymptotic Properties of Estimators for the Linear Panel Regression Model with Individual Effects and Serially Correlated Errors: The Case of Stationary and Non-Stationary Regressors and Residuals." Badi H. Baltagi, Chihwa Kao, Long Liu. April 2007. 75pp. WP93 Full Paper

    No. 92 Abstract "Modelling and Testing for Structural Changes in Panel Cointegration Models with Common and Idiosyncratic Stochastic Trend." Chihwa Kao, Lorenzo Trapani and Giovanni Urga. March 2007. 46pp. WP92 Full Paper

    No. 91 Abstract "Forecasting with Panel Data." Badi H. Baltagi. February 2007. 37pp. WP91 Full Paper

    No. 90 Abstract "Panel Cointegration with Global Stochastic Trends." Jushan Bai, Chihwa Kao, and Serena Ng. Now Available in Journal of Econometrics, Volume 149, Issue 1, April 2009, Pages 82-99. WP90 Full Paper

    No. 89 Abstract "Random Effects and Spatial Autocorrelation with Equal Weights." Badi Baltagi. December 2006. 15pp. WP89 Full Paper

    No. 88 Abstract "Panel Unit Root Tests and Spatial Dependence." Badi Baltagi, Georges Bresson, and Alain Pirotte. December 2006. 37pp. WP88 Full Paper

    No. 87 Abstract "Fixed Effect Estimation of Highly-Mobile Production Technologies." William C. Horrace, and Kurt E. Schnier. April 2008 [Revised from November 2006 and July 2007.] 31pp. WP87 Full Paper

    No. 86 Abstract "Estimating Heterogeneous Capacity and Capacity Utilization in a Multi-Species Fishery."  Ronald G. Felthoven, William C. Horrace, and Kurt E. Schnier. November 2006. 35pp. WP86 Full Paper

    No. 85 Abstract "Pinning Down the Value of Statistical Life." Thomas J. Kniesner, W. Kip Viscusi, Christopher Woock, and James P. Ziliak. September 2006. 29 pp.  WP85 Full Paper

    No. 84 Abstract "Prediction in the Panel Data Model with Spatial Correlation: The Case of Liquor." Badi H. Baltagi and Dong Li. July 2006. 20 pp. WP84 Full Paper

    No. 83 Abstract "Testing For Cointegrating Rank via Model Selection: Evidence from 165 Data Sets." Badi H. Baltagi and Zijun Wang. July 2006. 18pp. WP83 Full Paper

    No. 82 Abstract "County Characteristics And Poverty Spell Length." Andrew Grodner, John A. Bishop, and Thomas Kniesner. Spring 2007. [Revised from May 2006], 33pp. WP82 Full Paper

    No. 81 Abstract "Rational Alcohol Addiction: Evidence from the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey." Badi H. Baltagi and Ingo Geishecker. April 2006. 38pp. WP81 Full Paper

    No. 80 Abstract "Estimating Heterogeneous Production in Fisheries." Kurt E. Schnier, Christopher M. Anderson, and William C. Horrace. March 2006. 36pp. WP80 Full Paper

    No. 79 Abstract "Inter-Industry Gender Wage Gaps by Knowledge Intensity: Discrimination and Technology in Korea." William C. Horrace, Beyza P. Ural, and Jin Hwa Jung. March 2006. 34pp. WP79 Full Paper

    No. 78 Abstract "Identifying Technically Efficient Fishing Vessels:A Non-Empty, Minimal Subset Approach." Alfonso Flores-Lagunes, William Horrace, and Kurt E. Schnier. March 2006. 27pp. WP78 Full Paper

    No. 77 Abstract  WP77 Full Paper

    No. 76 Abstract "Simulation-Based Two-Step Estimation with Endogenous Regressors." Kamhon Kan and Chihwa Kao. December 2005. 38 pp. WP76 Full Paper

    No. 75 Abstract "On the Estimation and Inference of a Panel Cointegration Model with Cross-Sectional Dependence."  Jushan Bai and Chihwa Kao. December 2005. 33pp. WP75 Full Paper

    No. 74 Abstract "Do Credit Market Barriers Exist For Minority and Woman Entrepreneurs?"  Lloyd Blanchard, Bo Zhao, and John Yinger. December 2005. 53 pp. WP74 Full Paper

    No. 73 Abstract "Estimating Models of Complex FDI: Are There Third-Country Effects?" Badi Baltagi, Peter Egger, and Michael Pfaffermayr. October 2005. 35 pp. WP73 Full Paper

    No. 72 Abstract Joint LM Test For Homoskedasticity In a One-Way Error Component Model." Badi H. Baltagi, Georges Bresson, and Alain Pirotte. October 2005. 23 pp. WP72 Full Paper

    No. 71 Abstract "The Unintended Consequences of Property Tax Relief: New York's STAR Program." William Duncombe, Tae Ho Eom and John Yinger. October 2005. 49 pp. WP71 Full Paper

    No. 70 Abstract "A Ranking Inequality: Applications of Multivariate Subset Selection." William C. Horrace, Joseph T. Marchand, and Timothy  M. Smeeding. October 2005, 47 pp. WP70 Full Paper

    No. 69 Abstract "An Empirical Model of Labor Supply with Social Interactions: Econometric Issues and Tax Policy Implications." Andrew Grodner and Thomas Kniesner. September 2005. [Revised September 2006], 41 pp. WP69 Full Paper

    No. 68 Abstract "Cox-McFadden Partial and Marginal Likelihoods for the Proportional Hazard Model with Random Effects." Jan Ondrich. August 2005, 54 pp. WP68 Full Paper

    No. 67 Abstract "Why Do Real Estate Brokers Continue to Discriminate? Evidence from the 2000 Housing Discrimination Study." Bo Zhao, Jan Ondrich and John Yinger. March 2005, 46 pp. WP67 Full Paper

    No. 66 Abstract "Income and the Use of Prescription Drugs by the Elderly: Evidence from the Notch Cohorts." John R. Moran and Kosali Ilayperuma Simon. January 2005, 41pp. WP66 Full Paper

    No. 65 Abstract "Duration Data from the National Long-Term Care Survey:   Foundation for a Dynamic Multiple-Indicator Model of ADL Dependency."  James N. Laditka and Douglas A. Wolf.  December 2004, 70pp. WP65 Full Paper

    No. 64 Abstract "Do We Invest Less Time in Children? Trends in Parental Time in Selected Industrialized Countries Since the 1960s." Anne H. Gauthier, Timothy M. Smeeding, and Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr. June 2004, 44pp. WP64 Full Paper

    No. 63 Abstract "Welfare State Expenditures and the Distribution of Child Opportunities." Irwin Garfinkel, Lee Rainwater, and Timothy M. Smeeding. June 2004.  [Revised October 2004, 59pp.] WP63 Full Paper

    No. 62 Abstract "School Finance, Equivalent Educational Expenditure, and Income Distribution: Equal Dollars or Equal Chances for Success?" Kathryn Wilson, Kristina Lambright, and Timothy M. Smeeding. August 2004, 36pp. WP62 Full Paper

    No. 61 Abstract "Taxes, Deadweight Loss and Intertemporal Female Labor Supply: Evidence from Panel Data." Anil Kumar. June 2004, 60pp. WP61 Full Paper

    No. 60 Abstract "How Much More Does a Disadvantaged Student Cost?"  William D. Duncombe,  and John Yinger. July 2004, 45pp. WP60 Full Paper

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