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Peer-based Recovery Support Services Delivered at Recovery Community Organizations: Predictors of Improvements in Individual Recovery Capital

Robert D. Ashford, Austin McNeill Brown, Brent Canode, Adam Sledd, Jennifer S. Potter & Brandon G. Bergman
August 4, 2021

A Bigger Child Tax Credit Gives Families Flexibility

Katherine Michelmore
August 4, 2021

Equal Time for Equal Crime? Racial Bias in School Discipline

Ying Shi & Maria Zhu
August 4, 2021

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Service-Connected Disability and the Veteran Mortality Disadvantage

Scott D. Landes, Andrew S. London & Janet M. Wilmoth
August 4, 2021

Identity Transformation Through Substance Use Disorder Recovery: Introducing the Six Stage Model

Naomi Watkins, Austin McNeill Brown & Kayce Courson
August 4, 2021

An 80x30 Clean Electricity Standard: Carbon, Costs, and Health Benefits

Charles Driscoll, Kathy Fallon Lambert, Peter Wilcoxen, Armistead Russell, Dallas Burtraw, Maya Domeshek, Qasim Mehdi, Huizhong Shen & Petros Vasilakos
July 11, 2021

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