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Rural Population Health and Aging: Toward a Multilevel and Multidimensional Research Agenda for the 2020s

Leif Jensen, Shannon M. Monnat, John J. Green, Lori M. Hunter & Martin J. Sliwinski
July 28, 2020

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Childhood injuries and food stamp benefits: an examination of administrative data in one US state

Colleen M. Heflin, Irma Arteaga, Jean Felix Ndashimye & Matthew P. Rabbitt
July 8, 2020

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Genetic Risks, Adolescent Health and Schooling Attainment

Vikesh Amin, Jere R. Behrman, Jason M. Fletcher, Carlos A. Flores, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes & Hans-Peter Kohler
June 30, 2020

Understanding Inclusion in Collaborative Governance: A Mixed Methods Approach

Saba Siddiki, Christopher Ansell, Carey Doberstein, Hayley Henderson, Paul Hart
June 25, 2020

Nonparametric Tests of Tail Behavior in Stochastic Frontier Models

William C. Horrace & Yulong Wang
May 31, 2020

Labor Market Policies in a Roy-Rosen Bargaining Economy

Hugo Jales & Zhengfei Yu
May 31, 2020

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Employment Density and Agglomeration Economies in Tall Buildings

Crocker H. Liu, Stuart S. Rosenthal & William C. Strange
May 10, 2020

The Material Hardships of Undocumented Immigrants in the United States: Evidence from SIPP 1996-2008

Claire Altman, Colleen Heflin, Chaegyung Jun & James Bachmeier
May 2, 2020

Does Proximity to Fast Food Cause Childhood Obesity? Evidence from Public Housing

Jeehee Han, Amy Ellen Schwartz & Brian Elbel
April 30, 2020

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How Close is Close? The Spatial Reach of Agglomeration Economies

John P. Harding, Jing Li, Stuart S. Rosenthal & Xirui Zhang
April 13, 2020

Disability, food insecurity by nativity, citizenship, and duration

Claire E. Altman, Colleen M. Heflin & Hannah Akanksha Patnaik
April 9, 2020

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Paying for Free Lunch: The Impact of CEP Universal Free Meals on Revenues, Spending, and Student Health

Michah W. Rothbart, Amy Ellen Schwartz & Emily Gutierrez
March 31, 2020

Visualizing Age, Period, and Cohort Patterns of Substance Use in the U.S. Opioid Crisis

Ashton M. Verdery, Kira England, Alexander Chapman, Liying Luo, Katherine McLean & Shannon Monnat
February 17, 2020

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