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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Alexandra Punch

Associate Director, Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion

426 Eggers Hall (315) 443-9343

JoAnn L. Rhoades

Administrative Assistant, Anthropology

209 Maxwell Hall (315) 443-2200

Jacqueline Rivera

Program Coordinator, Washington Programs

CSIS (202) 888-6365

Tammy Salisbury

Administrative Assistant, Social Science Ph.D. Program

413 Maxwell Hall (315) 443-2275

Amy Schmidt

Program Coordinator, Citizenship and Civic Engagement

404B Maxwell Hall (315) 443-1602

Norma A. Shannon

Director, Development, Dean's Office

206D Eggers Hall (315) 443-5504

Tara Slater

Administrative Assistant, PARCC

400 Eggers Hall (315) 443-2367

Jessica Smith

Director, Communications & Media Relations, Dean's Office

200 Eggers Hall (315) 443-5492

Joseph W. Stoll

Manager, Cartographic Lab, Geography and the Environment

002 Steele Hall (315) 443-3937

Anthony Terrinoni

Assistant Director, Autonomous Systems Policy Institute

508 Maxwell Hall

200 Eggers Hall
Syracuse, NY 13244-1020
Phone: +1.315.443.2252